Thursday, April 10, 2014

Wedding Registry

So I've had this post just sitting as a draft for over a month.  It was written when I had only gone to one place, so I guess I'll go ahead and rewrite it.  Here goes! 

Well, we finally did it.  We have completed our wedding registry.  This was so much fun and overwhelming at the same time.  I read that you should register at 3 places to give your guests a lot of options.  I see the logic behind this but it would be so much easier to register at just one place! Anyway, we started at the place that has [almost] everything, Bed Bath & Beyond.  The lady that helped us was so nice.  She did have a tendency to force more expensive items on us, but little does she know...this bargain shopper went back in and took that stuff off. Boom!  

I totally thought that I wouldn't want to register for much because I have had a house for the past 6 years.  Then I decided, what better time than now to replace everything!  So we had a lot of fun picking out new dishes, glasses, cookware, kitchen gadgets, etc. etc.  We stuck with mainly kitchen things at the beginning because I wasn't sure about the bed and bath part.   Reason being,  I am hoping that we move into a bigger house within the next year or two and I'm not sure what my taste will be.  So here was the dilemma: pick out brand new things and hope that I still like it in a few years, or get new things that are more neutral and will go in a new house no matter how I decide to decorate it.  #firstworldproblems  Yes, I just hashtagged in my blog post.  

I ended up deciding to venture into the world of bed and bath when I went to Macy's.  They have amazing towels and bedding.  We picked out a new comforter and I am in love.  I am half tempted to go buy it myself because last time I checked it was 50% off!  The only downfall to this new bedding is that it'll require a paint change in the ol' master bedroom.  Again, do I repaint and use this right away if or do I save it for when we move?? A friend of mine saved a lot of her wedding gifts for when they moved into their new house.  I think this is really smart but at the same time I know that it will be hard for me not to open up all the brand new things.  Decisions, Decisions.  

Anyhooo, the last place we registered was Target.  By the time we were done with Bed Bath and Beyond and Macy's, we had most of our bases covered.  Our Target registry is pretty teenie weenie but we did find a few things that we liked there.  Although Target is cheaper, they don't offer the great coupons that the other stores do, so I'd rather have more things on those two registries I guess!  

Overall, this was a really neat experience and Jeremy and I had so much fun doing this together!  Lot's off laughs and silliness, no surprise there!  Now let's update the checklist, shall we?
Wedding To-Do List
-finish registering
-pick out tuxes (The groomsman will be looking dapper in this)
-book honeymoon (yay!)
-finalize rehearsal dinner (hello Scotty's!)
-finalize flower arrangements (On Monday!)
-hair/make up trial (it's booked so I'm crossing it off)
-purchase groom's wedding band (yeah mine was purchased a month ago)
-figure out what I am going to give my wonderful bridesmaids 
-pick out my wedding jewelry (if this damn ear piercing would heal. ugh!)
-order invitations-Shout out to my momma for handling this one!
-book transportation for the bridal party (this is on Jeremy so...check!)
-food/cake tasting; finalize the menu (again, this is booked)
-finish wedding website
  (yeah, I forgot about the following... whoops!)
-rehearsal dinner invitations
-order thank you cards 
As always, if you are reading this and think I'm leaving something off, feel free to leave a comment!  Looking forward to spending time with all of the wonderful ladies in my life at my bridal shower on sunday!! 72 days to go!