Monday, April 29, 2013

...and so it begins!

Welcome, welcome, welcome! I can't believe I am finally doing this.  I love blogs.  All types: beauty, cooking, teaching, RANDOM...I love it all!  I've thought about starting a blog for sometime now but I just didn't know how to go about it, what I should write about, etc. etc.  For the longest time I thought about doing a blog dedicated to all things teaching but then I realized I have way more to share than just random classroom stuff.  Then I thought about writing a blog about hair and make up. I am a self proclaimed make up artist that has had no formal training and I love all things beauty related.  Then I thought, well maybe it would be fun to write about this new journey I am embarking on: WEDDING PLANNING.  My final thought was, why don't I write a blog about all of the above, thus "From Miss to Mrs." was born.  Please join me on my journey from Miss to Mrs. and all the crazy/random things that happen in between.