Sunday, March 23, 2014

Not Wishing Away Time & Premarital Counseling

As of last Friday, we are 3 months away. Three months. 90 days. 12 weeks. Holy freakin' Moly that's soon.  When I had lunch with my sister today, I was telling her how much I was just ready for it to be here but at the same time, I don't want to wish away time because time is precious and I want to savor every moment of these last three months, the wedding day itself, and our honeymoon.

 I was reminded of just how precious time is late last night, when my aunt passed away after a very long/hard battle with cancer.  She was so incredibly strong and taken away from us way too soon.  I try really hard not to take things or the people in my life for granted but when something like this happens, you are immediately reminded about just how precious life is.  Hug your loved ones a little tighter and don't let a day go by without telling those that you love, that you love them.

And now onto premarital counseling...this is something that was required by our church.  A seminar from 9-4 on a Saturday.  Sounds like a snooze fest right!? WRONG.  I definitely thought it was going to be a long day and that I was going to be really irritated by the end of it but it turned out to actually be quite fun.  We did a lot of exercises that required team work, sharing our feelings, getting to know more about each other, etc.  It was put on by a family/marriage counselor and the pastor that is going to be marrying us.  I was so excited to meet him and we'll have an individual session with him in May.  I thought I'd end this with some perils of wisdom that I took away from yesterday's seminar.  I think these things can apply to any relationship [engaged, married, friendship, anything].  

1.Tell people what you appreciate about them and cite specific examples of why.
2. It's ok to take a time out during conflict to cool down, in fact it's recommended.
3.When someone is unloading about an external factor (usually work), LISTEN. Agree. Be supportive.  You don't necessarily need to give advice unless the other person asks for it.  
4. Relationships are not about keeping score and we all have an emotional bank account.  You can add to said bank account by doing things together.  I have a whole list of ideas if you need some! ;)
5. The Love Maps Questions Game is really fun and you should download the app.  You might actually learn a little bit more about one another even if you think you know everything.  Jeremy wanted me to add in for number five that he knows more about me than I know about him (by 3 measly points). 
6. There are scientifically researched steps that you should take after a fight to get things resolved. 
7. Conflict is most likely to end the way it begins, so be mindful of how you approach things.
8. If Jeremy and I get caught on desert island and we can only pick 10 things from a list, he is going to pick as many things that will help us get off the island and I am going to pick things that will help us survive on the island. ;)

Sunday, March 9, 2014

yeah, mon

Yes, you read that correctly.  I am just over here brushing up on some slang because we are going to Jamaica!  That's right, we finally booked our honeymoon and I couldn't be more excited.  After many, many months of researching and constantly checking for deals on Groupon; I woke up Saturday morning and decided that it was time to make a decision.  

For those of you who know me, you know just how hard it is for me to make any kind of decision, so this is huge!  Wow, I must be growing up! I was all about the amazing deals that I found on Groupon but unfortunately they come with a lot of restrictions and I just haven't heard of many people using them, so it made me a little nervous.  This coming from the girl who went on spring break via craigslist last year [a story for another day].  This is a way more important and expensive vacation, not to mention out of the country, so I wasn't willing to take any risks.  I decided to book through my trusty old friend Expedia and I think we still got a great deal.  I am so excited because I have a passport but have never been out of the country and I've never done anything all inclusive before.  All of my friends recommended going the all inclusive route and I'm so glad we did.

We decided to book at the Secrets St. James Resort.  This is an all inclusive/adults only resort.  I think this will be perfect for honeymooning!  I am just so excited and I can't stop looking at the resort website.  Check it out if you are interested (Secrets St. James)!  
I mean, seriously!? I wanna go right NOW.

I can't wait to wake up to an ocean view for 7 days straight.
Last one, I promise. I am just beyond thrilled.
Now that we are all ready to jump on the next plane to the Caribbean, let's check in the the To-Do List, shall we!?  

Wedding To-Do List
-finish registering
-pick out tuxes (The groomsman will be looking dapper in this)
-book honeymoon (yay!)
-finalize rehearsal dinner (hello Scotty's!)
-finalize flower arrangements
-hair/make up trial (it's booked so I'm crossing it off)
-purchase groom's wedding band (yeah mine was purchased a month ago)
-figure out what I am going to give my wonderful bridesmaids 
-pick out my wedding jewelry
-order invitations
-book transportation for the bridal party (this is on Jeremy so...check!)
-food/cake tasting; finalize the menu (again, this is booked)
-finish wedding website

With 104 days to go, I think I'm doing pretty good!  Now if only this school year would go a tiny bit faster, so I could go into full wedding mode...