Saturday, June 22, 2013

Planning Update

Whoa it has been a hot minute since my last post! I thought I would be better at this whole blogging thing when school was out but ironically, I feel like I have less free time now than during the school year. ANYHOOO, I have also been slacking on my wedding planning but we do have a few of the "big things" booked.  We are getting married on June 21, 2014 aka summer solstice and longest day of the year. Woo Woo! Our ceremony will take place at St. Luke's United Methodist Church here in Indianapolis. This church is gorgeous and I am very happy with our decision.
Our reception will take place at the Marriott North.  After looking at many venues, we decided to go with the Marriott and I am so excited to be working alongside one of my sister's college friends.  I know she is going to be great to work with and she has been so helpful already!  You are the best Biz!! :)

Finally, and this was a no brainer, we have selected our photographer!  We will be using Ms. Jamie Lee, another friend of Aly's.  We are so lucky that she has such awesome and talented friends!!  Jamie took pictures of Aly and I for a Christmas gift for our mom and she did a fab job.  I am so excited to have her do both our engagement and wedding pictures. Check out her work and "like" her Facebook Page!! :) Here are a few that we gave to our momma for Christmas!
There is still much to be done but I feel a little more relaxed now that we have some of this stuff and a date locked up.  364 days to go, not that I am counting or anything! ;)

Monday, June 3, 2013

Another class moves on

Another year has come and gone! This year was "the year of change" classroom, new grade level, new teammates, new teacher evals, and 3 (yes 3) principals! That is a whole lotta change for a girl that doesn't always handle change the best. To say that this year was challenging would be an understatement. Instead of focusing on all the challenges, I prefer to reflect on the positive. I had an amazing group of kids this year who taught me more than they will ever know. I don't know how I got so lucky but this was truly one of my best classes in my 5 years of teaching. They were so sweet and willing to embrace both change and challenge and for that, they will always hold a special place in my heart. That and the fact that they were my first class of third graders. I must say, I was a little skeptical about teaching third grade but I absolutely love it. They are still young enough to be sweet to their teachers but old enough to work independently when necessary (welllllll most days!). The last day of school is always bittersweet but this year was especially emotional and I think that is because I had to say goodbye to a great group of kiddos.
So cute.

Makes it all worth it!

In other news, this little cutie is happy to have her momma home for the summer!!