Thursday, May 1, 2014

April Showers

May is here and I have yet to blog about my fabulous wedding showers!  I was blessed to have two showers.  The first shower was thrown by my sister (MOH) and one of my oldest longest friends.  These two are a party planning team match made in heaven.  If you ever need a party planned, get a hold of these two because they know their stuff.  They decorated beautifully with some help from my ridiculously creative momma, my bridesmaids pitched in yummy food, we had games, great conversations, and they generously spoiled us with gifts for our home.  Overall, it was an amazing time (minus the awful chubby bunny/how well do you know your fiance game-ha!). There is not better way to describe it other than with pictures!

Party Planners

Bridesmaids minus my Jourds!

Aren't they just the best!? I love all of the details and thought behind all these things.  I also had a shower at school.  The people that I work with are so kind and generous!  I am blessed to be surrounded with amazing people.  Thank you to all those that planned, pitched in, and attended.  I am so lucky to have you all in my life.  Finally, let's check in on that good ol' to do list!
Wedding To-Do List
-finish registering
-pick out tuxes (The groomsman will be looking dapper in this)
-book honeymoon (yay!)
-finalize rehearsal dinner (hello Scotty's!)
-finalize flower arrangements (On Monday!)
-hair/make up trial (it's booked so I'm crossing it off)
-purchase groom's wedding band (yeah mine was purchased a month ago)
-figure out what I am going to give my wonderful bridesmaids 
-pick out my wedding jewelry (if this damn ear piercing would heal. ugh!)
-order invitations-Shout out to my momma for handling this one!
-book transportation for the bridal party (this is on Jeremy so...check!)
-food/cake tasting; finalize the menu (again, this is booked)
-finish wedding website
-rehearsal dinner invitations
-order thank you cards 
-order favors
-finalize music (church/dj)
-scope out some outdoor picture sites for the bridal party
-props for photo booth
-marriage license
I cross one thing off and add many more!  Isn't that how it always is though!?

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